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* This activity is the group version of “Rock, Paper Scissors” combined with tag.  
* This activity is the group version of “Rock, Paper Scissors” combined with tag.  
* [[Category:Icebreakers/Warmups]] [[:Category:Icebreakers/Warmups| Icebreakers/Warmups]]  
* [[Category:Icebreakers/Warmups]] [[:Category:Icebreakers/Warmups| Icebreakers/Warmups]]  
* [[Category:Tag Games]] [[:Category:Tag Games| Tag Games]]
* [[Category:Tag Games]] [[:Category:Tag Games| Tag Games]]

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Group Size




Set Up

Draw a line in the center of the space to split the space into a center space (with enough room for the group to run around) and then draw a line on each end for a safety zones.


  • Split the group into 2 teams and explain the directions and show the actions.
  • Each team huddles and picks a character for the round choosing between giants, wizards or elfs. The team must agree on a character and everyone on the team must act out the same character for that round.
  • Each character has an action:
    • Giants put their hands up over their heads (to make them look taller),
    • Wizards put their hands out straight in front of them wiggling their fingers (as if they are casting a spell)
    • Elfs make pointy ears on their head with their pointer fingers and bend their knees (to make them look smaller).
  • And each character beats one other character:
    • Giants beat Elves
    • Elves beat Wizards
    • Wizards beat Giants.
    • If both team picks the same character it is a draw.
  • Once each team has decided what character they will be for that round, the teams come up to the center and line up face to face. * On the count of 3, everyone does the action their team character.
  • The team whose characters win that round chase the other team, trying to tag as many members on the other team as possible before they reach the safety zone. e.g. if team one picks giants and team 2 picks elves, team one chases team 2 and tries to tag as many of the elves as they can before they reach the safety zone.
  • Members from the team that are tagged become part of the winning team, so one group grows and the other group shrinks.
  • You then repeat the process, giving the new teams a minute to decide what character they want to be, and then call them back to the middle to begin again.
  • The game ends when one team has completely absorbed the other team, or when you run out of time.