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TO EXCITE, TO MOTIVATE, TO INSPIRE! We provide corporate team building games and activities with an innovative and creative approach for over a decade. We have hundreds of fun and effective employee engagement activities, energizers, ice-breakers, and essential team builders to promote cooperation and teamwork together with communication, leadership, and problem-solving skills.
Geographical Area Served: USA, UK, Europe
Examples of Activities: Treasure and Scavenger Hunt, Bicycle Dream, Chain Reaction, Aiming for the Oscar, Paint Teams
Specialties: Corporate Team Building Games and Activities
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Key Staff Members, Titles: Sinan Halic, Founder & CEO
Main Address: 192 Lexington Ave., Suite #2004, New York, NY 10016

We’ve delivered our team building programs to companies across Turkey and Europe in a variety of industries since 2004. Now we expand our market across the USA and our enthusiasm for success is more than ever!

Our team building games and activities are designed to cater the needs of all group types, from the smallest management teams to the large-scale convention groups. We have more than 100 teambuilding games on file, some of which we even don’t showcase on our website.

We are enthusiastic, highly experienced and professional individuals, and we have an endless passion to innovate. We love what we do and we do what we love.

Our responsibility is smoothly running the whole event so you can unwind and concentrate on the agenda and the content. In order to achieve our goal, it is not hard for us to take initiatives and to meet challenges and deadlines. We are always alert and ready to solve problems quickly, accurately, and efficiently.

We appreciate your financial concerns and we never ask for more than we deserve. We put forward transparent budgets, no hidden cost, no extra service fees.

Our roots are in Mediterranean and in Anatolia, where people value relationships more than anything else. We respect and maintain this culture in our work environment; our staff, our clients, and our suppliers are valuable for us. Once a client becomes a member of our big family.