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Thank you for helping us build Teampedia! The more activities you add, the larger and more useful this database will be!

Adding an activity to Teampedia is easy!

  • Make sure you are on the "Main Page".
  • Click on the "edit" tab right above the section titled "Full List of Team Building Activities"
  • Below the last item on the list write this (making sure you surround the title with double brackets):
| [[name of the activity you'd like to add]]
  • Press "Save page" at the bottom of the screen. When you return to the Main Page, and the text you entered in between the brackets will now be a link to a new page in red. Just click on that link and start typing!
  • If you want to keep the page consistent with the formatting of others you can add this Activity Template

this template to your page by copying and pasting this code onto the page, and pressing "save."

  • Once you save, you will notice the template headers on your new page. When you are in edit mode, the headers have equal signs "====" before and after each heading so they stand out.
  • You can type in the appropriate information after each header.
  • For the group size category, you can use the following code:
 [[Category:Small]] [[:Category:Small| Small]]
 [[Category:Medium]][[:Category:Medium| Medium]]
 [[Category:Large]] [[:Category:Large| Large]]
  • As you type, periodically hit "Save Page" at the bottom of the screen. After you save your information, it will take you back to the page and out of edit mode.

NOTE: Make sure you wait until this happens or else your information will be lost!

  • You can hit "show preview" at the bottom of the page to get a look at what your final version will look like.
  • And don't forget to "save page"!!

THANK YOU for contributing to Teampedia!