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Examples of ActivitiesTreasure and Scavenger Hunt +, Bicycle Dream +, Chain Reaction +, Aiming for the Oscar + and Paint Teams +
Geographical Area ServedUSA +, UK + and Europe +
Key Staff Members, TitlesSinan Halic + and Founder & CEO +
Main Address192 Lexington Ave., Suite #2004, New York, NY 10016 +
Short Summary of ServicesTO EXCITE, TO MOTIVATE, TO INSPIRE!

We proTO EXCITE, TO MOTIVATE, TO INSPIRE! We provide corporate team building games and activities with an innovative and creative approach for over a decade.

We have hundreds of fun and effective employee engagement activities, energizers, ice-breakers, and essential team builders to promote cooperation and teamwork together with communication, leadership, and problem-solving skills.n, leadership, and problem-solving skills. +
Social Media Profiles +
SpecialtiesCorporate Team Building Games and Activities +
Team Building Company NameHtc events +
Website +