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This activity is good as the team is preparing for an event, a conference, a trip . . .


Build spirit and enthusiasm for the upcoming event/trip; list tasks needed for preparation; have fun; exercise memory skills . . .

Group Size


Set Up

sit in a circle (or if remote, arrange a conference call). Ask everyone to think about what they need to do to prepare for the upcoming event, and what they will bring to it - whether material, emotional, task-oriented . . .


The first person says "I am going to [our event] and I am going to bring __ [e.g., enthusiasm." The next person repeats what the first person says, and adds something, e.g., "I am going to [our event0, and I am going to bring enthusiasm and [my best tie]." The next person: "I am going to [our event], and I am going to bring enthusiasm, my best tie, and 30 copies of [our annual report]." Etc. around the circle, once or several times. If someone forgets to mention an item, others simply remind them.

One person could make a list of everything mentioned, to share later.


Discuss whether the cumulative list left out anything important.


This can be done for a variety of things, such as "We are getting ready for the next fiscal year and I am going to bring . .. " or "This is Monday, and I am bringing to our team . . . "

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