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Stand in a circle side by side (close enough so that your shoulders touch). Instruct the group to turn 90° to the right so that everyone is facing the back of the person in front of them. Have participants put both hands on the shoulders of the person in front of them. Then ask everyone to sit down slowly on the count of three. They sit back on the knees of the person in back of them forming 1 continuous sitting circle. Assuming no one gives up, the group should be able to hold itself up. Once the group has held the position for a 30sec or a minute, have everyone stand up at the same time. Note: if not everyone sits or stands at the same time many people could end falling to the ground.

Note to Facilitators: Be aware that depending on the group, this activity can be somewhat high risk. It is possible to do this with people of all sizes mixed into the same group, but no matter how big or small, short or tall, some people are likely to feel uncomfortable with the idea of getting so close to other people - literally sitting in their lap (or a least on their knees). For some people this can be an issue that they are self concious abou their weight, they are uncomfortable about other people's personal hygeine, they have a crush on the person whose lap they are about to sit on, or they just don't like people "all up in their business." For activities like this it is important to practice challenge by choice and not force anyone to participate if they are really uncomfortable. A good role for anyone who chooses not to participate is to ask them to be a spotter to help make sure that before the group sits down they are lined up correctly and once the group does sit that no one falls.


For added challenge - once everyone is seated, you can then have them raise their hands above their heads, and for additional extra challenge, you can have everyone walk in a circle, once they are in the seated position (e.g. "on the count of three everyone take a step with the right foot...")

Debrief Questions

Facilitator Notes about Trust Activities

  • Safety Check: All Trust Activities require the facilitator to pay extra close attention to physical and emotional safety. Introduce and assure safety before starting any activities in this category.