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Diversity Leadership

Group Size


Here are the links to three variations of this activity:

"The Leadership Compass provides participants a tool for understanding how they approach work and how it can differ from how others approach work. One key to effective leadership is to be flexible within your own work style and receptive to others whose styles differ from your own."

"This workshop allows participants to explore four primary work styles, as a tool for self-reflection and leadership growth. It encourages participants to delve more deeply into their strengths and weaknesses in all four styles, in the context of leadership and a working team. The purpose of this exploration is to enable participants to articulate at a higher level why they work the way they do, as well as identify skills and strengths they would like to enhance. It also is a tool for bolstering team accountability, by pushing people to consider the way in which their style(s) plays out on a team and how each person might become better at changing work styles to balance a team or fit a given work situation."