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To build competitive spirit, while enhancing relationships with other players.

Group Size

A minimum of 6 players is ideal.


For this activity you will need: A time keeper with a watch or clock. Paper and pencil(s) or pen(s). Enthusiasm!

Set Up

Players will break up into teams of 3 or more. Each team must establish a team name. Give each team 10 pieces of paper and a pencil or pen. Instruct them to write down a different verb or noun that can be acted out on each piece. Switch papers with another team without looking at their answers.


Each team will have an audience, puppet, and puppet master. If there are teams of 3, there will be only one person in the audience. This person will be the one guessing what the puppet is doing. The puppet will be moved by the puppet master. The puppet master will be moving the puppet according to the action. Only the puppet master will be aware of what the action. The teams that are not participating will be in charge of keeping time. The audience will have 45 seconds to guess what the puppet master is doing. The time will begin once the paper has been read. If the team is able to guess within the time limit then they will receive one point. Teams will participate in order starting with which team wants to go first, then continuing clockwise. The first team to get to 5 points wins!

Disclaimer: This game involves noninvasive touching. Participants who are uncomfortable with touching aspects should play the role of the audience. Example actions/nouns: Swimming, Painter, Hairdresser, or Juggling.


Teams should feel they have bonded within their individual teams as well as with everyone participating in the game. They will build relationships through having fun with the activities and enjoying themselves. The activity will also help to make everyone feel more comfortable around each other.


If there are less than 6 people in the entire group, the group can form smaller teams and have the puppet also guess what they are doing instead of having an audience. Teams can play to for more or less points if they have more or less time to play the game in. If teams are finding they cannot guess within 45 seconds, they can extend the guessing time.

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