Rocks, Paper, Scissors...



The objective of this team building activity is to learn group member’s names, and learn new and unique things about other people.

Group Size


  • Team Members
  • Good Attitude
  • a bag of candy

Set Up

Split into two groups based on a shared interest. For example, ‘night people’ vs ‘day people’. Groups should fairly equal.


1. Within the two teams, individuals share their name and one unique fact about themselves.

2. Each team chooses one person to play against the other team.

3. The elected plays a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors against their opponent. Best out of 3, wins. During the game, each team cheers loudly for their team member, using their name.

4. The losing player goes the winner's team.

5. Upon joining a new team, individuals share their name and one unique fact.

6. Repeat steps 2-5 until everyone has competed in a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

7. The team who has the most players wins a piece of candy each.


1. What did you learn about group members in this activity?

2. How did this activity help build group cohesion?

3. Who was most challenging about this activity?


To switch up this game, groups can begin in pairs. Pairs will introduce themselves, and play a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors against each other. Losing individuals must cheer for the winner, using their name, in another match. Winners keep playing, and collecting cheerers. This will continue until everyone is on one team, or has played.

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