Scavenger Hunts led by external companies

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Explore a neighborhood or a city; make surprising discoveries; collaborate to solve problems; compete against other teams for prizes . . . Scavenger hunts are active team-builders, and each experience will be different. Several companies provide the leadership for unique varieties of scavenger hunts, from old-fashioned find-common-objects to high-tech adventures. The versions designed adults described in the links below are far from your basic children's party game!

HTC Events is the expert at running treasure and scavenger hunt games, with a real feel of treasure hunting by solving ancient puzzles and decoding cryptos. Ideal for team away days, for incentive or conference groups. Full team-building facilitation on-site is included.

Outback Team Building & Training offers five scavenger hunt options that are available anywhere in North America for your corporate team. Outback is recommended by over 14,000 corporate groups in the United States and Canada.

The Go Game offers the intersection of wireless technology, the Amazing Race, Cranium, and Mission: Impossible. Fun and team building team building "as you have never seen it, a scavenger hunt on steroids!"

GoTek by TeamBonding GoTek Explorer is a high tech scavenger hunt that incorporates the newest smartphone and tablet technology with challenges in actual environment around you.

Stray Boots uses mobile technology and smart clever content for scavenger hunt-like walking tours of various cities. An entertaining way to enjoy any occasion or discover new things.

Clash's typical scavenger hunt begins and ends at a bar, office, or at the CLASH Clubhouse (if in San Francisco), and includes drinking, hunting within a specific neighborhood, a slideshow of the funniest photos, and awards.

San Francisco Treasure Hunts are clue-based urban sleuthing adventures, emphasizing team-building, collaborative problem solving and creative thinking, while showcasing the secret treasure spots of San Francisco and the Bay Area.

See also how to design your own scavenger hunt.