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Guide a blindfolded teammate through an obstacle course using verbal and non-verbal communication.

Group Size

Materials: Chairs, cones, anything that can create an obstruction for an obstacle course.

Set Up: Set up obstructions in an open area.

Directions: Divide the group into smaller groups of three. One group member will be blindfolded and have to maneuver through an obstacle course. One group member can see the first one and the obstacle course but cannot speak. The last group member can speak but is not allowed to see the blindfolded group member or the obstacle course. The group member whom cannot speak must use gestures, hand signals, or any form of non verbal communication (pen and paper is not allowed) to tell the group member who can speak what directions to give the blindfolded group member to successfully navigate the obstacle course. The first sub-group to successfully navigate the obstacle course wins.

Debrief: Discuss what went right/wrong and what communication barriers the groups experienced. Relate this to communication successes/obstacles in your organization.


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