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This is in the vein of the game Black Magic but requires a bit more showmanship and is a lot harder. The object is to break a secret code communicating a word to the group. It's best if at least one of the group is "in the know" to model the system while everyone else tries to figure it out. The system works by spelling out the letters of the word with a simple substitutions. Vowels are the easiest being replaced with a number of snaps relative to it's order in the alphabet. One "snap" for A, two "snaps" for E, three for I and so on. The consonants are a little more creative. A phrase will stand in for each letter of the secret word and the first letter of the phrase indicates the letter used. An example for the word "WORD" W- Will you be ready to guess. O- Snap, snap, snap, snap. R- Really easy now. D- Do you know the answer. Guesser yells out the word "WORD"

The most fun is to make it sound to the rest of the group like the game is just beginning when the person guesses, and the round is now over. They will think it's just random answers but this can be proven by writing the answer down first and then showing they got it right. Slight pauses between phrases help listeners discern each letter clue.