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Awareness Circle

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• The leader reads some of the statements, one at a time. • At the end of each statement pause. Instruct that if the statement is true for an individual, they should step forward into the circle. • Take a moment to have each participant look around who is in the circle with them and who is not. • Then step back into the circle to listen for the next statement.
• When all of the questions have been read, invite the participants to add, one at a time, a statement that is true for you that hasn’t been mentioned already.
This is a well known and powerful exercise. One potential downside to it is that may "out" someone who later regrets stepping into the circle, get teased for doing so, etc.
An alternative way, created by Dawn Menken of Portland OR, is having large colorful and positive posters that each represent a kind of diversity. Then, when that kind of diversity
is named, the participants each put a small postit on the large poster that indicates, anonymously, whether the person identifies or not with the category. Then when the exercise is
debriefed, the facilitator can say, under the category of X, there are 4 people who identify with this, 6 who do not and 3 who aren't sure.
I hope this helps improve this great but sometimes problematic exercise
Bill Say

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