Egg Drop

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===Group Size===
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* If you have a larger group, break them up into groups of 3-5 people.
For 1 fresh egg (or candy cream egg) for each group:Straws (Number depends on desired difficulty)* ~ 10-20 straws * masking Masking tape (Amount depends on desired difficulty)* fresh egg* any Any other items you have available that may help with designfor creating a package to protect the egg, e.g. popsicle sticks, paper plates, cotton balls, etc.
===Set Up===
Distribute the materials evenly amongst the groups.
Put a marker on a wall to show where you will drop the eggs from.
Using the raw materials provided, the team goal is to build a structure that will support a freefalling egg dropped from a predetermined height (e.g. 7 feet) without the egg breaking.
=== Variations ===
For added complexity, you can add specifications such as - the structure must catch the egg in such a manner that the egg stops at least 2 inches from the floor, but nor more than 6 inches from the floor, or encourage trading of materials among the groups, or allow the group to earn more materials by doing other challenges.
===Debrief Questions===
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