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Group Size



Set Up



Everyone stands in a circle with the leader is in the middle. Begin by teaching the group the various poses of the game, each should use 3 people. The leader points to 1 person in the circle, and that person, and the person on either side of them needs to create the stated pose. If someone messes up, makes the wrong pose, moves when they weren’t supposed to, then they are out. There are tons of these poses and you can make up your own, but a few are: • Speedy rabbit – the 2 side people face out to make the shape of the ears, and the middle person puts his or her hands in front of them like paws • Screaming Viking – the 2 side people make rowing motions on the outside, and the middle person bangs their fists on their chest yelling • Girl Scout – the 2 side people put their arms up on a diagonal and lean in to make a house, and the middle person crouches down and says “want a cookie?”

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