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Group Size

Medium Large

also great for small groups


  • 2 trees or secure poles
  • Rope or twine
  • Scissors or knife
  • Supervisor for each group

Set Up

Tie 2 ropes from one tree to the other to form a rectangle. Connect string between the top and bottom to form holes, the holes can be a varity of shapes. Ensure when making the holes that there are enough holes for each person in the group and think of the age and size of the group members(weight and height). The point of this activity is to get all members of the group through the holes in the web.


Only one person per hole and no one can go over or under the web. Members have to work together to figure out the order people should go through the holes. If anyone touches the strings or knocks the web while passing through the holes the whole team has to go back and start over again. If you have a large group you can set up two or more webs, break the group down into smaller groups and have groups race to see who can finish first.


You can turn this whole activity on it's side, and use two folding tables as your sides... and string the rope/string between the tables to make a sideways spiderweb... the objective then is to get people through from top to bottom instead of from one side to the other.