Stand Up Sit Down

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This exercise is good to get large groups listening and actively participating. It helps the facilitator and the participants know "who's in the room".

Group Size

Medium Large


List of statements

Set Up

Participants seated. Any seating arrangement will work


Facilitator stands in front of large group with a list of statements generated in advance. Facilitator tells group that he/she will read a statement aloud. If the statement applies to anyone in the audience, that person should stand up, or raise their hand if they are unable to stand. The participants do not have to stand if they do not wish to identify with the statement. Once the facilitator has read the statement and the participants are standing, they should be instructed to look around at who is standing, who is still sitting down, and then sit down. The exercise should be carried out in silence.

Examples of statements: Stand up if you...

  • brushed your teeth today
  • are adopted
  • have ever been the victim of a hate crime
  • like chocolate
  • etc.

Depending on the group and the facilitator's goals, the statements can start out fun and light and can progress to more serious issues.