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StarPower is a widely popular educational simulation that provokes participants to rethink their assumptions about the use and abuse of power.

It was originally designed by R. Garry Shirts of Simulation Training Systems in 1969, and by conservative estimates, three million people around the world have played it.

What is StarPower? StarPower is a real time, face to face, non-computer based simulation of an organization or system in which leaders are given unlimited powers to make and change the rules of the simulation.

What happens in StarPower? Participants have a chance to progress from one level of society to another by acquiring wealth through trading with other participants. Once the society is established, the group with the most wealth is given the right to make the rules for the game. The power group generally makes rules which maintain or increase its power and which those being governed consider to be unfair. This generally results in some sort of rebellion by the other members of the society.

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