Strategic Sales

There is an interesting metaphor which describes how sales people should be viewing the process of prospecting for new clients, it is the shark. Sharks have a special place in the human imagination as sleek efficient hunters that are always swimming towards “prospects”. For some sharks, such as great whites and hammerheads, they need to keep moving in order to breathe and thus live.

Sales prospecting ( is the lifeblood for sales success. For you to meet and exceed your objectives, your sales people must be constantly moving forward, every day, looking for new prospects. Strategic Prospecting is a fun, engaging and powerful one day workshop that blends two key ingredients for developing high performing, prospecting hunters.

You Will Learn The Psychology of Success
What causes us to do what we do?
What barriers hold us back from doing what we know we should do?
What is the driving force behind all human behaviour?
What is the one skill, great leaders and top athletes utilize, that you should know?
Understanding the psychology of performance and having the strategies needed, will show anyone how to build the mental and emotional strength to take action and produce outstanding results.

Prospecting Strategies – You Must Be A Hunter
Understand the rule of what is a prospect
Where to find great prospects
When to prospect (24-7-365)
Powerful telephone techniques
The influence of social media and how to use it
Who to call
What to say & what not to say
Prospect management

Prospecting is a game that never ends; it has rules and requires strategy. It is fun when you are doing well and frustrating when things are not going well. When it comes to the game of prospecting, there are three types of sales people:
- There are the ones that are in the game.
- There are the ones on the sidelines, watching the game.
- There are the ones that don’t know there is a game going on.
Strategic Prospecting will get your people in the game, creating a foundation for growing your customer base and increasing revenues.