Tarp Flip

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Tarp Flip


Icebreakers/Warmups | Communication | Collaboration

Group Size

Small Medium


  • Tarp
  • Ball (optional)

Set Up

Layout a tarp on the ground and have all team members stand on it. The smaller the tarp the more challenging the exercise! No Tarp? Use taped together newspaper sheets - the fragile paper makes the challenge even more interesting! Name the game "Magic Carpet" and take participants for a ride using your pre and post flight, age appropriate dialogues to meld with the learnings from the game.


While standing on top of a completely open tarp, the group must create a plan to get everyone on the opposite side of the tarp

without anyone stepping off. The size of the tarp should be defined by the number of individuals in the group.


YOU MIGHT TRY THIS ONE FIRST. Standing in a circle, group members begin by holding the edges of a tarp with both hands. A ball is placed in the middle of the tarp. The objective is to flip the tarp so that the object rests on the opposite side of the tarp, facing up. Participants cannot let go of the tarp at any time and the object should remain on the tarp at all time.

Standing on the tarp, have group members fold it in half under them without stepping off. When they are successful, have them fold it again (and again, and again) until someone falls off.

Debrief Questions

• What was difficult / easy about the task? • Who took the lead? • Did everyone agree with what they needed to do? • Did anyone have any ideas but were not able to share them? • If you were going to do the task again what would you do differently?