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The mission of Teampedia is to become the world's largest collection of resources (e.g. warmups, icebreakers, and other group facilitation and training activities) to facilitate teamwork, teambuilding, and community.


  • To collaboratively develop, share and archive teambuilding resources
  • To value every contributor's unique and individual contributions
  • To bring team leaders, team members, consultants, and facilitators together in a vibrant online community
  • To help prevent team leaders from "re-inventing the wheel" every time they want to do a teambuilding activity
  • To generate enough revenue for this website to be self-sustaining (including hosting and development costs)
  • To respect copyright and intellectual property rights
  • To combine the power of teamwork and technology to generate and refine collective knowledge
  • To support those working to promote deeper understanding, improve communication, increase enjoyment, build trust, resolve conflicts, and generally create more efficient, fun, effective, creative, harmonious, inclusive, collaborative, and enjoyable relationships


  • Teampedia was founded in March 2006 by Seth Marbin with help from many others.
  • Although Teampedia has no direct affiliation with the WikiMedia Foundation, or their project Wikipedia - the free online encylopedia, this project was heavily inspired by both.
  • Most of the initial teambuilding activities on Teampedia were inspired by activities used at City Year (the nation's largest AmeriCorps program).


  • Check the Frequently Asked Questions to see if your question has already been asked/answered.
  • Feel free to post or discuss Suggestions for improving Teampedia
  • For all other issues email