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Template:See also Administrators can block and unblock users. When a user is blocked, they cannot edit any pages except their own talk page.

Temporary blocks are used on disruptive IP addresses and users who have vandalised a few times. Indefinite blocks are used for persistent disruption.

At Admin Tools Wiki, users can issue test blocks to any user, but must notify the blocked user when it is done. Continuous test blocks will result in being de-sysoped

Temporary blocks

Temporary blocks are generally used (especially for IP-only editors) when:

  • A user is vandalising
  • A user advertises for something
  • A user adds linkspam to external sites
  • A user is uncivil
  • A user continuously fails to assume good faith.

Indefinite blocks

Template:Policy shortcut An indefinite block is a block that does not have a definite (or fixed) duration. Indefinite blocks are usually applied when there is significant disruption or threats of disruption, or major breaches of policy and/or guidelines. In such cases an open-ended block may be appropriate to prevent further problems until the matter can be resolved by discussion. Like all remedies, this is not a punishment. It is designed as a “time out” to prevent further disruption, and the desired outcome is a commitment to observe Admin Tools Wiki's policies and to stop problematic conduct in future.

Only in extreme cases would there be no Administrator who is willing to lift the block, which would effectively make the uncooperative editor banned by the community.

Indefinite blocks are used when:

  • A user is continally disruptive
  • A user is a vandal- or spam-only account
  • A user violates multiple policies or continues to do so after a final warning
  • Open proxies or zombie computers
  • Compromised web-servers

Open or anonymous proxies

Template:Main Given that editing from open proxies and/or zombie computers is equally prohibited on both Wikia and Wikimedia Foundation wikis, Administrators at Admin Tools Wiki (ATW) will, from time to time and in order to comply with Wikia's policy, have to block IP-only editors editing from proxies/zombies. To that end, the procedure at Admin Tools Wiki:Open proxies is to be followed.