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Facts about "Tirian Integrated Leadership & Team Development"RDF feed
Geographical Area ServedGlobal +
Key Staff Members, TitlesAndrew Grant +, CEO and Gaia Grant + and Executive Managing Director +
Main AddressSuite 106, 39 East Esplanade, Manly 2095, Australia +
Short Summary of ServicesTirian Integrated Leadership & Team DeveloTirian Integrated Leadership & Team Developmentis a leading provider of team building activities, team building exercises, team building games, corporate events, corporate team building and integrated leadership and team development for a wide range of organizations worldwide. Tirian has a unique extensive range of individual team building programs as well as leadership development training and is able to offer customized integrated programs based on individual organization and team needs.on individual organization and team needs. +
Team Building Company NameTirian Integrated Leadership & Team Development +
Website +