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===Group Size===
===Group Size===

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Group Size




Set Up


Introduce the activity by saying this is a way for people to learn some fun things about each other that don't come up in everyday conversations. Each person should think of three statements about themselves that no one else in the room already knows. It helps to jot down notes. Two must be true statements and one should be a lie. The more subtle or believable the better. Take turns in the group having each person share their three statements and voting on which one was the lie... e.g.

Tom shares: 1) I broke my leg snowboarding in high school. 2) I speak 3 languages. 3) I shaved my whole body once after losing a bet. The facilitator would say: Thanks Tom... "ok group, the three options are broke his leg, speaks 3 languages, shaved whole body... which one was the lie? All those who say leg? languages? shaved body?... ok most people don't think you speak three languages, is that true?" If time permits, have Tom share a little more background about one or two of his statements. "Tom, if it wasn't because you lost a bet, why did you shave your whole body?"