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Aussie X Events & Team Success Programs specialize in aligning corporate teams through an experiential learning approach. It infuses sport (Aussie rules football and/or cricket) with innovative team-based management systems adapted from high-performance sporting groups outside of the corporate world. In the Aussie X Team Building Program you will cover the following:

A – Awareness

Awareness of self and others to improve individual and overall team performance.

U – Unity

Framework to unite core values, missions and team dynamics.

S – Standards

Expectations and responsibilities of leaders and all team members.

S – Strategies

Strategies to build a united team working together for ultimate long-term success.

I – Implementation

Tools to implement strategies and learning into day-to-day work.

E – Empowerment

Empower team to achieve effective, open and honest communication.

X – X Factor

The secret to the Aussie X Team Success! Shhhhh!

Recent Feedback:

“I learned more about my team members in two days with Aussie X than in one year.”

“Aussie X…book them ASAP…they will push you forward as a team.”

“I went from burnt out to re-inspired in a matter of hours. Thanks for your help Aussie X!”

“Truly Inspirational”