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Row New York is now pleased to offer a unique training opportunity for your company and workplace. Our experienced coaches will introduce your staff to the principles of rowing, after which they’ll experience the real challenge (and fun) of this Olympic sport, rowing in 4- or 8-person boats on the water.

Workshops will be three hours and include:

  • Basic introduction to the sport on land followed by on the water practice and fun races
  • All equipment (boats, oars, barges, and rowing machines)
  • Expert coaches
  • Team t-shirt with your company’s logo
  • Lunch
  • Optional happy hour

Cost: $2,500 per boat (4-8 people) and $313 for each additional person after 8 people. To book a date or for more information, please visit our website at, email, or call 718-433-3075.

Why team building through rowing?

Rowing is a unique and intense marriage of strength, finesse, and teamwork (all good skills to have in your job). It is the ultimate team sport. If you put seven expert rowers in a boat with one bad rower, the boat won’t go fast. Working together to balance the boat is similar to working together in your job. If the boat is tippy, and leans too heavily to your side, you’re in trouble; if you lift your hands to take the boat off your side too drastically and push all the weight to the other side, your boatmates are in trouble and may do the same, resulting in a lot of pushing (and sore shoulders). The motto is, and has to be: How does every player lift this boat (project, challenge, business unit) to the precise degree that it is level and moving forward? Only by working together in a meticulous and highly-refined way can we find the balance. Rowing teaches the life lesson of hard work. You reap what you sow. Want to be more successful in rowing and in business? Work Smarter, Harder, Together.