What's in a Name

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To learn about teammates names, family, and heritage.

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Set Up



Ask each person in the group to share the story behind their name (e.g. why that name was chosen, what it means, who they were named after, other people they know who have the same name, any nicknames they have, etc.). The group could also talk about a name they wish they had or another name they like, find unusual or funny. This activity is pretty free flowing. Remind the group to respect the name that that person wants to be called.

Ex: My name is Amy. I was named after my father’s mother. My parents were going to go with the French spelling Aimee, but decided Amy would ultimately be easier for me and others to spell. Amy means "beloved" and has a Latin base in the word for love. There were six Amys in my neighborhood when I was growing up. It was the second most popular name when I was born. Etc, etc,.