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This activity has been used at women's gatherings to raise awareness of our fore-mothers. It can be adapted for any kind of group.


Diversity awareness and appreciation. Appreciation of those who came before us. Get to know each other.

Group Size



Set Up

Sit in a circle. Ask everyone to think about their matrilineal family - the names of their mother, grandmother, greatgrandmother . . .Give them a few minutes to recall names.


In turn, each person introduces herself, e.g., "I am Randee, daughter of Ruth, who was daughter of Helen, who was daughter of Priti, who was daughter of others . . " Go as far back as you can, and then say "of others."


Does this arouse curiosity about yourself? Give interesting information about each other? How can you use insights from this activity in your regular team projects?


Name the patrilineal (father's line) family; or each person can choose.

Or give your lineage by major life influencers/inpsirers: "I am Ted who was inspired by Maria Montessori who was inspired by children . . . "

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