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Many towns, parks, and areas have an Adopt-A-Path program. Similar to adopt-a-highway, it allows individuals, businesses and organizations [and teams!] to volunteer to help maintain and remove litter, weeds and graffiti from paths. It gives year-round opportunities for neighborhood groups, community organizations and local businesses to steward the environment.

Tempe, Arizona has a typical commitment: a few hours each cleaning period, with a minimum of one clean up every three months for two years. Signs providing information related to the litter control effort and crediting the volunteer or sponsor organization are paid for and installed by that city.

Kenosha County, Wisconsin has another example.


Enhance the appearance, safety and cleanliness of an area. Have fun with and get to know team members. Enjoy the outdoors. Possibly include family (children too!) of team members. Gain some publicity for your organization.

Group Size


Depending on the city, park, or organization, supplies such as trash bags may be supplied.

Set Up

Find out the opportunities and sign-up procedure for your area. Get commitment from your team. The schedule could rotate among sub-groups of your team, or possibly involve all each time. Be aware of accessibility issues - will team members with mobility challenges, for instance, be able to be involved?


Depends on the city, park, or organization.


Potlucks, games, or other activities can be shared before, at a break, or after each clean-up session. The group could hike or stroll the path afterwards. Discussions could include the process, the experience, and any lessons that might inform regular team activities.


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