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Decorate the common workspace; get to know each other; include family; inspire creativity . . .

Group Size



Wall space or display panels for hanging artwork. This can be in team's shared workspace, such as a conference room or hallway, or a more public space, such as a lobby or cafeteria. Pedestals or cases for three-dimensional artwork, if desired. Picture hooks and tools for hanging work. Picture mats and/or frames.

Set Up

Invite everyone on the team to create a group show. Give plenty of notice for the due date. Plan for the show to hang long enough to justify the time spent organizing it and for everyone to enjoy it, but short enough so that people feel okay about loaning their art. Consider at least three months. Art can be paintings, drawings; photos; fishing lures; prints; fabric wall hangings; sewing projects; quilts; sculptures; sewn, knitted, crocheted or woven clothing or other items; or any other types of arts or crafts. The works can be made by the team members themselves or by any members of their family. They can have been created just for the art show or in the past. Give size limits if necessary, and specify how many pieces per person. Determine whether there is capacity for three-dimensional work, or two-dimensional only. If everyone on the team has children: all pieces could be by children. Instead of random pieces, you could set a theme such as "ask your child to create a picture about your work." Some people may have artwork they'd be willing to share, but they do not want to spend the time or money to frame it. The organization could supply frames and/ mats, and possibly have a sub-team work on the presentation. Consider security for the artwork: perhaps have people sign a legal release concerning possible loss or theft.


Have each person fill out a card with the name of the artist, the title of the piece, and perhaps the date it was created and the media. When all artwork has been gathered, have two or three people arrange and hang the show. You could leave some blank spaces for those who were reluctant at first to share but may become inspired/encouraged after seeing the others. Consider having an opening reception, possibly with refreshments. Invite the team members family and friends and/or co-workers or neighboring organizations.


Discussions could be about whether original art enhances the work environment, whether people would want to have future shows, what variations could be done, and whether others would like to participate in the framing or hanging.


The artwork could be offered for sale, with the total proceeds donated to a charity. The sales could be by silent auction.

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