Blind Polygon

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Group Size

Small Medium Large


  • Long (20 – 50 ft) Rope
  • Blindfolds for every person

Set Up



The team forms a circle with arms outstretched, drops hands and sits down. Team members put blindfolds on. Facilitator places the rope in the middle of the circle. The group is instructed to form perfect square with each team member holding on to the rope. No team member can let go of the rope. When group members feel the task is completed, they can take off the blindfolds to check the results.


Debrief Questions

  • How did you work together?
  • What was challenging?


  • Mute people randomly
  • Follow up by asking for a triangle or other shapes
  • Give members time to come up with a plan before putting on blindfolds, then after blindfolds are in place, members may not speak or use verbal signals

See also Five Pointed Star