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It is helpful for team members to share stories of successes and highlights.


Inspiration, encouragement, celebration, appreciation of what has "gone right," getting to know each other, upliftment . . .

Group Size



Set Up

Sit together where everyone can hear and see all others. Ask people to think about good things that have happened in the past week/month/year related to their involvement withe team's activities. The successes can be important or trivial, long-term or temporary, big or small.


Each person in turn tells his/her "bright spot." The descriptions can be very brief. All others listen and then applaud. The organizer can decide whether to invite comments after each report or not. Examples "I made a new friend at our event this week." "Susan and I had a great time driving together to our off-site." "We got six new donors to sign up on Friday."


The group can discuss the value of mentioning good experiences.


This can be the start of every team meeting. It could be online or in-person. The successes could be on a certain pre-determined theme, e.g., things related to our goals; bright spots about personal interactions with our clients . . .

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