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Want to get to have a hilarious time party? Try a game of Calvinball - with a ping pong and beach ball, a deck of cards, a couple of rackets and bats, a boomerang or hula hoop . . . and anyone can change the rules at any time.

"Calvinball is a game invented by Calvin [of the Calvin and Hobbes comic] in which one makes the rules up as one goes along. Rules cannot be used twice. No Calvinball game is like another. The game may involve wickets, mallets, volleyballs, and additional equipment as well as masks." -

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Fun! Running around! Being outrageous! Getting out your ya-yas and shaking the sillies out! Working off the party food! Laughing! Thinking inside the box from the outside . . .(?). Stretching your mind. Seeing an unknown side of your teammates.

Group Size


Any balls, any sports equipment - mix and match. Masks. Striped shirts and tiger costumes optional.

Set Up

Make sure people are up for silliness. Have a big space to move around in. Calvinball is refreshing on New Years Day or the day after Thanksgiving, when everyone has been sedentary and/or eaten too much.


The only rule is that each game of Calvinball must be different.

At any time, any player can call out a change of a rule, and everyone must follow that Here are some examples - "No using your arms or hands!" "Everyone has to quack like a duck while a ball is in the air!" "I am base!" "Every 3 minutes we stop and bow to each other." "When you hear the whistle, freeze." "Until I you a high-five


What in the world did you learn from this? How can this game help your team to grow up and act mature again Monday - Friday? What if your regular work were like Calvinball? Is it?


Different equipment, different rules.

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