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Challenge by Choice is a concept in which people are empowered to decide whether to participate in an activity. The leader and others in a group are expected to respect anyone's right to sit out or to opt for a personalized level of engagement.

Team building should not involve peer pressure; Challenge by Choice helps individuals avoid crowd mentality and manipulation.

The activities suggested on Teampedia encourage active engagement. Yet sometimes it takes time for people to feel safe, comfortable, and enthusiastic about joining in.

Whether your group is involved in potluck or a scavenger hunt, a tug-of-war or a charity fundraiser, Teampedia encourages an atmosphere of Challenge by Choice. Welcome inclusion without coercion, and see how team spirit can be naturally grown.

Challenge by Choice is especially important in Trust Activities.

Additional resources:

"Challenge by Choice® (CBC) is a concept originated by Project Adventure. It asks that participants challenge themselves and participate fully in the experience at-hand. Recognizing that any activity or goal may pose a different level and type of challenge for each group member and that authentic personal change comes from within, Challenge by Choice creates an environment where participants are asked to search for opportunities to stretch and grow during the experience. The determination of what kind of participation represents an optimal learning opportunity and is the responsibility of each group member. All are asked to add value to the group experience by finding a way to contribute to the group’s efforts while also seeking to find value in the experience for themselves. Accepting Challenge by Choice encourages all to respect thoughtful choices. Its use provides a supportive and caring atmosphere in which participants can stretch themselves. It recognizes the need for individuals and the group to accept responsibility for decisions. It creates opportunities for learning about how to set goals that are in neither the comfort nor the panic zone, but in that slightly uncomfortable stretch zone where the greatest opportunities for growth and learning lie. While the specific language may change to match the unique needs of a group or learning environment, the philosophy remains the same throughout all Project Adventure programs. Challenge by Choice is a cornerstone concept of Project Adventure."
  • WIlderdom has a thorough exploration of Challenge by Choice, including a continuum depicting adventure program philosophy about the degree of individual choice in participation.