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Cheerleader is a great activity to get groups excited and get the energy up. It encourages team work and spirit.

Group Size


Open space to play where lots of noise can be made.

Set Up

Create an open area where the group can move around freely.


Cheerleader is a big game of Rock, Paper, Scissors (Rock beats Scissors, Scissors beats Paper, Paper beats Rock). Participants will pair up. Each pair will play a round of Rock, Paper Scissors. The person who wins will continue to play while the person who loses will become the winners 'cheerleader'. They will find another pair who has just played. The winners will then play eachother and the cheerleaders will yell, scream and cheer for their 'player'. Then that winner will move on while the 3 others are their cheerleader.

As the games continue, winners will have more and more cheerleaders. The game will continue until there are only 2 players left and all other participants are cheering. That last round will determine the winner!

(This game can get very loud!)



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