Dodge Ball

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Introduce yourself, when you get hit!

Group Size


  • Soft Cushioned Ball

Set Up

  • 1 person on one side of a line, and all the rest on the other.


  • This game is a variation on dodge ball, and when someone gets hit with the ball they have to introduce themselves to the group. 1 person "a" will first have to introduce themselves or say a fact about themselves to be able to start throwing the ball. The when person "a" hits a person suppose it is person "d". Then person "d" has to introduce themselves and then takes persons "a" position. Person "a" then goes into the crowd. And the game continues. And if the ball goes toward a person and they hit it, it is still counted toward that person.


  • NO hitting above the neck
  • No Pushing and shoving
  • No Hitting hard



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