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Group Size




Set Up

One person should be the facilitator. Have the group stand in a circle, or any shape they may want and ask them to count off in four. Ask each team to come up with some sort of signal, preferably a loud noise or word which will later mean they have completed the task.


Ask the groups of similar numbers get together and form a straight line shoulder to shoulder, tell them to remember who is to their left and who is to their right. Have the four lines of people surround you making a square, with everyone facing inward, so that one group is directly to your left, right, front and back. Inform the group that you are going to move around, while you move they are not allowed to move. Explain that once you stop they must move and rearrange themselves in the same order facing the same part of your body they had when you started the game. Once the group has arranged themselves properly they need to announce it to you by doing their signal. Which ever group is the fastest wins! To tease things out you can run far away from the group, you can wander around, you can throw them off by simply not leaving the square at all and just turning directions.