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Group Size


10 – 15 Pieces of various piping (PVC Pipe, Styrofoam, Wood, Etc.), 1-2 Marbles, 1-2 Golf Balls, Several cones for marking, Bucket

Set Up

Clearly mark point A and B approximately 18 ft. apart (length = 3’ x number of participants) with a bucket at point B. Create a bend in the path by marking the center with cones for added difficulty.


The challenge is to transport a ball by pipeline from point A to point B in the fastest time possible. The team may attempt the activity several times, planning for improvement between each round. The group must adhere to the following rules:

  • Every member of the group has access to only 1 piece of the pipeline per round and the ball must pass through each person’s piece at least once.
  • Pieces of the pipeline cannot overlap
  • Participants cannot touch the ball at any point
  • The ball must be kept in continuous motion at all times
  • If the ball is dropped or the rules are broken, the group must begin again at point A with the clock running
  • Participants cannot move their feet when the ball is in their piece of the pipeline
  • The ball must stay in the pipeline


Two or more teams compete for the best time.

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