Roses and Thorns

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To share the day's successes and difficulties in a trusting setting.

Group Size



Set Up

Seat participants in a circle so all people can see each other.


This activity is best done at the end of the work/school day or before bedtime at camp. Tell the people in your group to take 3-5 minutes to mentally come up with one "rose" and one "thorn" from their day. The "rose" should be something that was wonderful or exciting, while the "thorn" should be something that was either awful or provided the person with difficulty. In small or medium-sized groups, everyone should present his/her "rose" and "thorn" to the rest of the group. It is at the discretion of the facilitator to decide if the group should give feedback/make comments or simply remain silent. In large groups, you can have each person share his/her "rose" and "thorn" with four other people.

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