Rummage exchange

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Getting to know each other; communication; recycling and sharing of stuff; possibly donations to charity

Group Size


Tables and hangers for displaying items. Masking tape or tags, with writing utensils, for pricing, if items will be sold.

Set Up

Ask everyone to bring in household items, clothing, other small things that are in good shape but they no longer want.


Indicate categories, e.g., decorations, kitchen, women's clothing. Display all items in an area that all members have access to, but that won't interfere with other activities. This can be for several day or for one occasion only. The advantage of an extended time is that people may bring more things in. Afterwards, donate all unclaimed items to a charitable organization.


This activity may inspire a variety of discussions about people's interests, belongings, hobbies, and tastes.


Price all items for sale, with the proceed totals going to a charitable organization. Have the sale open to others outside of the team, such as the general public, co-workers, related organizations . . . Have the items be limited to a theme, such as clothing only; toys and games; kitchen items; books . . . Perhaps repeat the activity each month/season with a different theme.

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