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Snap Debate

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Divide the group in half, and have them line up facing each other with the facilitator at the head of the line.
Ask once side of Introduce the group activity, and clarify, that they are going to argue in favor take turns arguing both sides of an issue . One person speaks at a time, and the other facilitator will call on people back and forth to keep the debate moving forward. Don't be shy about calling on someone who doesn't have their hand raised, and make sure to not let a few people dominate the debate. Also make sure to explain that regardless of how each person personally feels about the issue up for debate, for the next 20 minutes, they are to assume the role of one side, then they will have to switch and argue opposed the other side with their best persuasive arguments.  Assign one group to an one side of the issue(this will be the "pro" side - who will argue in favor) and assing the other group the other side of the issue (the "con" side - who will argue in opposition). After about 10 min (or just when the groups run out of argumentsthey seem to be getting really entrenched in their sides) switch, stop the debate and say "Switch!" and now they each have to take the opposite side of the issueand build on the arguments already made.
Examples of good snap debate questions:
- * we should have a policy at our (school/work/camp) prohibiting x- * no one should be allowed to x- * X is not our responsibility* As a team we are more like Encyclopedia Britannica than Wikipedia
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