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Hi! This My name is the profile page for '''Seth Marbin''', and I am a Founder of Teampedia
I have been on teams for as long as I can remember, and have been a captain, coach, leader, manager, and most importantly team member on a variety of work, educational and athletic teams over the years.
Below is a picture of me facilitating one of my favorite team games called [[Giants, Wizards, Elves]] with a group of Googlers. I like this activity because it requires a good mix of strategy, coordination, and communication, and gets the participants running around, thinking on the fly, and making fast decisions. Not to mention, it never fails to get people laughing and having fun!
To find out more about me, feel free to view my profiles on social networking sites such as: [ LinkedIn], [ Facebook], [ Idealist],[ Friendster], [http://www.idealistspoke.orgcom/enprofiles/userprofile/134873-14 IdealistSethMarbin Spoke], and yes, [ Kaboom!]... I am even on [ MySpace]! Or check out my not-very-often-updated blog: [ Life Goals and other Random Nonsense]
Please join me and the rest of [[Special:Listusers|the Teampedia team]] in helping to build the world's largest collection of icebreakers and team building activities!
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