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Creating a story together can be merely for fun, or it can help the team imagine its future or recall its past.


Fun, getting to know each other, creating a vision for the team, exercising imagination, appreciating diversity of thoughts and styles.

Group Size


Place to sit around a table or in a circle, so that everyone can see and hear each other. Possibly have one person be the recorder (on paper or with recording device) - this is optional; consider whether it may inhibit people, and whether archiving of the story would be of use.

Set Up

The organizer can decide if the story will be on a certain theme, and if so, identify it. (e.g., "What our organization will be like in 5 years, and how we will get there"; "The day everything went wrong with our big event." The story could be about a real challenge the team faces and how to deal with it, with fantasy okay or even encouraged or required.


The organizer can start the story, e.g., "Once upon a time, in a land far away, 5 people got together to solve all the world's problems. Everything seemed easy, until one day one of the people saw on the horizon . . . " Around the circle, each person takes a turn adding to the story. The organizer can set a time limit for each person, such as one minute, or suggest each contribution be one paragraph or two sentences . . . . Suggest that some of the parts end with an incomplete sentence or a cliff hanger such as "and then . . " or "Fortunately for her . . ." The story can come to a conclusion with the last person in the circle, or you can go around twice or several times, or by a time limit.


Discuss the process. Discuss whether the story has ideas or lessons relevant to the group's regular activities.


The story could be created in writing rather than aloud. It can be in-person or remote, in real time or not.

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