The Maze

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The Maze


Communication | Collaboration | Team Strategy

Group Size

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • If the group is large, break them into smaller groups and have a few copies of the maze


Example Answer Key
  • Tarp or Paper
  • Masking Tape
  • Answer Key

Set Up

  • Create a 7’x7’ grid on the tarp using masking tape. Each square should be 1’x1'.
  • Create an Answer Key (see example and blank Answer Keys pictured on right)
  • With smaller groups tape pieces of paper to the ground to form a grid smaller than 5x5 leaving 2" spaces around all pieces of paper.
  • Note: When doing this activity with children a grid of 3x4 is large enough.


Blank Answer Key

The objective of the activity is for the whole group to find their way though the maze. Participants take turns trying out different paths through the maze. There is only one correct path through the maze (outlined on the answer key). The path goes left, right, forward or diagonally. Only one participant may enter the maze at a time, trying out one square at a time until making an incorrect move. Once a participant makes an incorrect move, the facilitator lets her/him know and she/he must move back to the beginning and can not go again until all other participants take a turn. After each square the facilitator confirms that the participant has made a correct or incorrect move. The team cannot use external materials of any kind (e.g. coins to mark the correct path).


  • No Talking
  • Talking Only When in the Maze

Debrief Questions

  • How did you determine the correct path? What strategies did you use to remember it?
  • How many mistakes (stepping on the wrong square more than once) did you make? Why did that happen? What could have been done to improve it?
  • How was the support level of the group? What did it feel like to be in the maze? To make a mistake?