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This was a community-wide women’s project annually for nine years. On a designated date, participants were randomly given a “She Phrase” that intrigued, provoked, and inspired them to explore, express, and discover themselves. They responded with words, images, color, texture, and the results were celebratedin a group show.


Community, connection, creativity, fun, self-reflection . . .

Group Size


Email to send and receive the phrases. Paper, drawing implements, sewing materials . . each participant supplies and uses whatever material she wants to. Frame ready for hanging.

Set Up

Organizers create short phrases beginning with "she" (one for each participant) and sends them out randomly via email at a designated time.


Each person receives her email and makes a piece of art during the designated evening. Participants can "play" creating their art in pairs, group gatherings, or on their own. They deliver their pieces at a designated time and place. Participants help hang the show together in a public space (e.g. library, restaurant). An opening reception with snacks is nice. See details, photos, and art at The She Project


After the original She Project, the organizer asked the participants to write about their experience, (and compiled their art and their descriptions in a bound book available for sale).


this can be done with any type of group, with variations on the "she phrase." For instance, the phrases can be about a team's activities or ideals (e.g., for a team that does philanthropy: "When she helps, she feels good." "She gets more out of it than she puts in." "He never hesitates." "He puts out his hand." "He didn't know until he started." "He saw the need.")

The art-making and the show" can be done online.

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