Toxic Waste Transport

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Group Size

Small Medium


  • ~25-50' of string
  • 1 Ring (about 1-2" in diameter - can be bought at hardware store)
  • 1 Ball (Golf or Tennis Ball will work)
  • 2 Cones (soda cans or bottles will also work)

Set Up

Cut string in 6 ft long lengths, fold in half, and connect to metal ring with a girth hitch (see image). Attach 4-6 of these pieces to the ring (for up to 12 participants). If you have too many strings, each person can hold more than one string, or if you have more people, each string can be held by more than one person. To construct the Toxic Waste site (Point A) place the ring on top of the cone with the strings spread around the ring. Place the ball on top of the Ring. The Decontamination Center (Point B) is the other cone which should be located a few feet away from Point A.

Toxic waste transport.JPG


The objective is for the group to safely transport the Toxic Waste (symbolized by the wiffle ball) from Point A to the decontamination zone, Point B using the given removal device (the Ring). Because of the toxicity, participants do not want to be too close to the ring, thus you should instruct group members that they can only hold the strings within 6 inches from the end. Dropping the ball, or getting too close, will result in starting over.


You can also use blindfolds and/or loss of voice as alternate consequences to dropping the ball or getting too close to the Toxic Waste.

Debrief Questions

Purchase Kits

The following companies sell kits that provide everything you need to run variations of this activity:

  • Wilderdom - Kit Contents: 1 x boundary rope ~40ft to create a circle of up to 10 ft diameter, 8 x 12ft lengths of light cord, 1 x dynamic bungee loop, 2 x toxic waste containers, Toxic Waste (colourful pit balls), 1 activity guide with facilitation notes, 1 daypack
  • Everlast Climbing Industries - Set includes 1 transport basket with 10 detachable ropes (each 5' long), "toxic waste" (16 balls), 2 "neutralizing containers" (green baskets) and activity guide.