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Fun, spreading cheer, getting to know each other and people outside of the group.

Group Size


Gifts! May Day: Roll a piece of construction paper into a cone; add a paper handle, and staple or paste it to stay. Fill it with a bouquet of fresh cut flowers. Repeat! Purim: Make hamentashen the traditional triangle-shaped pastry filled with a prune-and-nut mixture or other sweets). Put them in festive bags, along with other goodies, if desired, to enjoy with the hamenatshen - such as dried fruit and nuts, and tea bags.

Set Up

Organize your team's making and/or assembling of the gifts. Make sure they packaged so that they can be left at a door even if no one is home - or, schedule the deliveries to be assured that they will include in-person visits. Note: May Day baskets are often left anonymously.


Deliver the gifts to each house in a neighborhood, or to members of the group around town. A youth group can be divided into subgroups, and walk, bike, or be driven by an adult to the houses of receivers.


The gifters could gather after deliveries to have a party and talk about the experience,


Many possibilities. Teampedia would like to hear yours!

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