Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces

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Help teams think about collaboration, communication and strategy.

Group Size


A jigsaw puzzle. Blank ones are nice e.g. this set of 3 blank puzzles for $4.25, but ones with pictures are also ok. It is also helpful to have cups or small bags (to hold a some of the pieces).

Set Up

  • Divide up the puzzle into chunks - 1 for each functional group or team.
  • Pass out the pieces for each group (it helps to divide them into bags or


  • Identify the goal you want the team to work towards - e.g. highlighting current challenges fitting teams face in working together, or
  • Introduce the activity - goal is to put pieces together
  • Give people time to work on it (varies depending on complexity)
  • Facilitate discussion about how this relates to what the group is doing in real life (i.e. how group is working together)ff


  • How is this similar to what we are trying to do as a team? How is this different?
  • Did you collaborate with the other Teams? Why or why not? How did that help or hinder your progess?
  • What are the implications back on the job?
  • So what? what do we want to take away from this?


  • Pass out the puzzles in advance and have teams draw their vision of success on them