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Team members may have various craft skills and interests. Knitting, sewing, embroidery, quilting . . mosaics, scrapbooks, decoupage; doll-making, sign-painting; tie-dying, batik, woodworking . . . The possibilities are endless. One way to share is for each person to bring in their own activity, such as crocheting projects, and to sit together chatting as each pursues their own project. This has the least set-up and preparation for the organization. A different approach is for one person to supply the know-how to teach everyone else a craft, perhaps rotating the project and guide with each gathering.


Share skills; learn about teaching others; fun; get to know each other; possibly create items for the team's use or for fundraising or donations . . .

Group Size


Whatever craft materials necessary, supplied by the organizer or by individuals.

Set Up

Space, scheduling (daily, weekly, monthly, annually, one-time-only) and timing (one hour - an afternoon or whole day) depends on activity.


For the most casual sharing, each person does their own activity and observes others. If it is a workshop to teach others a craft, the leader can give a demonstration or be available for ongoing instruction and support as needed. All could collaborate on one project - such as making one stuffed animal or scrapbook. Consider a display of the results. (see the Teampedia activity Art Show) If producing items for donation or sale, consider displays


What do you learn about each other/yourselves that can be of use in future team activities? What is your experience teaching/giving directions/offering support? What is your experience learning from others/


See the introdcution to this activity, above. Also, see the Teampedia activity Flags.

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