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In cities all around the country, Little Free Libraries are appearing, offering neighborhoods their own way of sharing books and connecting with neighbors. In its most basic form, a Little Free Library is a box full of books where anyone may stop by and pick up a book (or two or three), and if they choose they can bring back another book to give away. A team can initiate and set-up the box, and be the ongoing "librarians."


Share books; re-use; get to know neighbors; enhance the community

Group Size


Make or purchase a box large enough for the range of common-sized books, including picture books. It must be sturdy and weatherproof, with a front door that opens easily and closes securely. It's best to have a clear door -glass or plastic - so the contents can be viewed. Mount it on a post. (Consider height - can people in wheelchairs reach in? children? Do you want to include a bench nearby? Can people browse without being in danger by a driveway or curb?) A small notebook and pen so people can write comments and brief book reviews. Best to attach them inside the box, with a ribbon or string.

Set Up

Refer to and register with Little Free Library. Decorate the box. Ask a senior center, day care center, emergency shelter or other public spaces if your team can erect the library in front of their facility.


Include a Little Free Library brochure. Fill the box with books; soon others will add to them. Go for variety - children's books, how-tos, novels, poetry . . . If any books remain for a long time, rotate them out (to other Little Free Libraries in you community?)


Enjoy the neighborhood interactions.


Some people mount one box for any ages; others provide one box for adults and another for children. Seats or benches, and coverings for shade and shelter, may be added. A team can make/supply/publicize Little Free Libraries for many neighborhoods. As a fundraiser for charity, the team could auction or sell the boxes. See also the Teampedia activities What have you been reading?, Library, and Book Group

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